Ce n’est pas possible

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It’s an ironic work dedicated to a childhood friend. At the time I wrote it, Manuel belonged to MAK Singers, a chorus of male voices. For this reason, the work was composed for equal voices. The sarcastic text expresses unreal things. That’s why a soloist ends up crying when he sees that the sun is yellow. The title comes from a phrase that Manuel said a lot.


Year: 2011
Text: Alejandro Wolfgang Espigares
Difficulty: Low-medium
Staff: SSAA / TTBB divisi +solo
Duration: 2.00 min.
Pages: 3
Language: French


Ce n’est pas possible. Je suis triste parce que le soleil est jaune. Je suis triste parce que le ciel est bleu. Je veux pleurer. Un chien volant ! Un chat aboie ! Une vache maigre ! Un oiseau nageant ! Un canari géant ! Ce n’est pas possible !


That is not possible. I’m sad because the sun is yellow. I’m sad because the sky is blue. I want to cry. A flying dog! A cat barks! A skinny cow! A swimming bird! A giant canary! That’s not possible!