Ce n’est pas possible

It’s an ironic work dedicated to a childhood friend. At the time I wrote it, Manuel belonged to MAK Singers, a chorus of male voices. For this reason, the work was composed for equal voices. The sarcastic text expresses unreal things. That’s why a soloist ends up crying when he sees that the sun is yellow. The title comes from a phrase that Manuel said a lot.

Ce n’est pas possible. Je suis triste parce que le soleil est jaune. Je suis triste parce que le ciel est bleu. Je veux pleurer. Un chien volant! Un chat aboie! Une vache maigre! Un oiseau nageant! Un canari géant !Ce n’est pas possible!

That is not possible. I’m sad because the sun is yellow. I’m sad because the sky is blue. I want to cry. A flying dog! A cat barks! A skinny cow! A swimming bird! A giant canary! That’s not possible!