Christo paremus cantica equal voices

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Christus paremus cantica was written to be a compulsory work in the National Contest of Lullabies and Christmas Carols “Villa de Rojales”. It is a Christmas work that celebrates the birth of the Lord.


Year: 2015
Text: Liturgical
Difficulty: Medium
Staff: SSAA / TTBB divisi
Duration: 2.20 min.
Pages: 5
Language: Latin and english

Premiered: Escuela coral municipal of Torrevieja -2015-



Christo paremus cantica, in excelsis, ¡Gloria! (Let us prepare a Chant for Christo. Glory in the heavens!)

When Christ was born of Mary free, in Bethleem in that fair city. Angels sang there, with mirth and glee. Glory be to God in the highest.