La soleá

Soleá is a work with an Andalusian feel. Soleá is a flamenco palo and, although there are imitations within the work, it is not written under the usual structure of this type of style of singing.

Vestida con mantos negros
piensa que el mundo es chiquito
y el corazón es inmenso.
Vestida con mantos negros.

Piensa que el suspiro tierno
y el grito, desaparecen
en la corriente del viento.
Vestida con mantos negros.

Se dejó el balcón abierto
y el alba por el balcón
desembocó todo el cielo.
Vestida con mantos negros.

Dressed in black cloaks
thinks the world is small
and the heart is immense.
Dressed in black robes.

Think that the tender sigh
and the scream, they disappear
in the wind stream.
Dressed in black cloaks.

She left the balcony open
and the dawn from the balcony
the whole sky came out.
Dressed in black robes.