Ven a festejar

I wrote this work for a composition competition at the “Ángel Barrios” conservatory. The work had to be for children’s choir and accompanied by instruments. This work invites to optimism and to put an end to problems. No problem lasts forever. This work was awarded in the competition.

Se acabó el mal tiempo, ya sale el sol. La ilusión crece en el alma y el corazón.

Vamos a jugar, vamos a bailar, quiero disfrutar de la vida. Sin ningún problema quiero sonreir, ven a festejar y a ser feliz. Canta con nosotros, va: lalala…

Deja tus preocupaciones en otro lugar. Ya llegó la hora de celebrar.

The bad weather is over, the sun is rising. The illusion grows in the soul and the heart.

Let’s play, let’s dance, I want to enjoy life. Without any problem I want to smile, come celebrate and be happy. Sing with us, go: lalala…

Leave your worries somewhere else. It’s time to celebrate.