Mother Earth, forgive us

It is a work commissioned by the Zaidin Experimental Station, for the project ‘Global change with an artist’s eye’, in which some works of the Zaidin Experimental Station are collected within a project aimed at showing the commitment of the group with the future of the planet through the combination of science and art.

The work is inspired by an anonymous text, revolving around the concept of continuity. This continuity is transformed, densifying until it reaches a forced modulation in a metaphor of the continuous cycle of life which must be adapted to the human, both for the good and for the bad. 

In the depths of the sky, Stars no longer shine. Now obscured and dimmed, with pollution’s haze.

Our oversights and fears have taken a toll over the years. Can earth be Earth when all its trees are gone?

Mother Earth, forgive us.


Look outside, see the trees, cry and have no more leaves. Sun’s rays begin to fade, Silence is here.

Our world is always changing, Constantly rearranging.

Earth is a marvel, Make it not disappear.